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Good Info: 7 Ways to Save on your Homeowner's Insurance
avalon_agency wrote in insurance_chat
This information is from a great article I found on the net. It enumerates seven things you can do to save yourself money on your Homeowner's insurance. And I agree with all of them.

Here are seven things you can do to keep homeowners insurance costs down while maintaining the coverage you need: 

  1. Comparison shop. If you want the best rates, you need to look around for options. If your insurance company knows you’re looking around for a better deal, they may even be willing to help you find ways to save some money, too. If they can’t provide a better price, consider switching insurance companies.
  2. Take advantage of multiple policy discounts offered by the insurance company. Most homeowners insurance providers offer a discount when you have more than one type of insurance with them. For example, you may qualify for a significant discount if you insure both your home and your vehicles through the same insurance company.
  3. Consider installing security and safety equipment in your home. Some insurance companies will give you a discount based on things you can do to lessen risk. Installing a security system or eliminating a potential safety hazard, for example, can actually lower your insurance premiums. Your insurance agent can tell you what specific sorts of things you can do in this area to save money.
  4. Keep on top of your credit score and credit report. In some states, insurance companies are not allowed to consider your credit rating when quoting the cost of homeowners insurance. In other states, however, there are no limitations like this. If you’re in a state that does allow it, make sure that there are no errors in your credit report, and try to address any rough spots there might be.
  5. Increase your deductible. You may be able to get a better rate by increasing the deductible. The deductible is the amount you need to pay in the event of an insurance claim before the insurance company will actually pay out.
  6. Consider electronic payments or automatic debits. Some insurance companies will give you a discount if you set up your payments to come out of your checking account automatically. While the savings usually aren’t especially large, they can surely add up over time.
  7. Talk with your insurance agent. In New York & Connecticut, give us a call at Avalon Agency. Different companies offer different discounts. Ask your agent or your insurance company representative what kinds of discounts are available, and see if you can find a way to qualify. Your agent should be willing to work with you to make sure you know what options are out there.

Doing these things won’t always guarantee a lower homeowners insurance premium, but more often than not they will get you some sort of discount. In some cases, the savings on your homeowners insurance can be significant.

I know we love to give people quotes because it's a free service we can offer and when we save someone money, we really feel like we've accomplished something, especially in this economy when we are all trying to save a dollar.

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