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How To: What Do I Do If I Have A Car Accident?
avalon_agency wrote in insurance_chat
I am in the business of selling automobile insurance.

So what am I really selling? Well, I sell a  product. And when does a customer get to use this product? When they have a loss. Really, that is what I am selling. I'm selling a product that will bring you back to whole if you are involved in an event that causes you to incur a loss, either monetary or physical.

When most people think of insurance, automatically a car accident scenario will come to mind. These are the most publicized of claim events and often the most contested as well. We've all watched television documentaries that have told us of the unreliable nature of witness accounts. So most of the time, after an accident, you end up in a "he said, she said.." situation. Your best bet is to completely document the encounter for future reference.

That being said, these are some of the things we recommend to our customers should they have an accident. I am sure this is not a complete list as every event is a little bit different. But in general, these are some important items to attempt to do if you should be unlucky enough to be involved in a roadway mishap:

MAKE SURE you move to a safe area. Do not remain in a busy roadway, if you can help it.

ASK SOMEONE to call the police and seek medical assistance by calling 911.

REMAIN Calm and be courteous to whomever else is involved or with the authorities.

OBTAIN as much information from all those involved as possible, including witnesses. Get addresses and phone numbers as well.

TAKE PICTURES if possible, but do not put yourself in danger by trying to do so. Especially if you are on a busy roadway.

Some things to avoid are:

NEVER leave the scene of an accident, NEVER make a deal for damages, NEVER accept an offer for a private settlement, NEVER disavow injury to anyone, NEVER offer to pay anything, and NEVER administer first aid unless you are trained to do so.

Every accident is different, but it will only help you in your claims process the more information you have to give to your insurance company.

Here is a handy Accident Report Form we give to our customers. It's in 2 pages here but it's actually a small brochure that fits into your ID card holder.

Accident Report Guide Page 1
Accident Report Guide Page 2

Print it out and feel free to use it or give us a call for an auto insurance quote and we'll send you one.

Drive safely!

Avalon Agency  Insurance

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Another (obvious) thing NOT to do: never have a drink! You won't believe that some people might consider doing this to calm the nerves.

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